Experience the healing power
of nature through biological medicine

Welcome to the Center for Integrative Medicine.
In our practice we treat acute and chronic illnesses in a holistic treatment concept based on the latest scientific knowledge and standards. We integrate conventional medicine-based methods and naturopathic treatment options.

The aim of our medical work is to accompany people on their way to health and to create an optimal balance between body and soul.

How can we help you?

Dr. med. Ines Fitschen
Specialist for general medicine and naturopathy
Phone:   +49- 40 – 500 18 702

I stand for natural and sustainable health

I obtained my license to practice at the Charité University Medicine Berlin Germany in 2007. I completed my education as a general practitioner in various hospitals in the fields of internal medicine, neurology, orthopedics and geriatrics.

At the same time, I continued my training in various areas (e.g. acupuncture, nutritional medicine, homeopathy, natural healing, neural therapy, basic psychosomatic care, sports medicine). I have been a general practitioner since 2015 and have my own practice with a focus on integrative medicine in Hamburg.

Together with my professional and dedicated practice team, I look forward to hearing from you.


Our treatments

Detailed personal interview

Detailed personal interview

At the beginning the complaints and other diseases requiring treatment will discussed in a detailed discussion and an individual treatment plan will created for your needs.


Holistic diagnostics

Holistic diagnostics

In our practice, we offer you all modern diagnostic procedures e.g. ECG diagnostics, blood pressure analysis, laboratory tests, pulmonary function analysis, ultrasound diagnostics and, if necessary, referrals to other specialist colleagues.

Treatments in practice

Treatments in practice

We treat according to latest scientifically medical knowledge and your individual needs. Therefore we integrate additionally biological medicine an nutrional medicine to the traetment concepts. The combination of electrophysiological healing methods as well as knowledge of orthomolecular and micronutrient therapy has proven itself as a complement to conventional medical therapy, especially in the case of chronic diseases.

In addition to general family and health care, we offer the following procedures in practice:

·  Acupuncture
·  Bio resonance
·  Homeopathy
·  Magnetic therapy
·  Micro immunotherapy
·  Micronutrient therapy
·  Neural therapy
·  Nutrition therapy
·  Orthomolecular therapy (vitamin and mineral analysis)
·  Ozone treatment
·  Sanum therapy
·  Vital field therapy (Vitatec- Global diagnostic)
·  Vitamin infusions

Advice and success control

Advice and success control

Your health is our priority. Therefore, we always advise you comprehensively and accompany you on your way to health. Treatments are particularly recommended and effective for:

·    Accompanying the conventional therapy of cancer
·    Allergies
·    Bowel disease
·    Diseases of the sensory organs
·    Dizziness
·    Exhaustion
·    Headache
·    Mental and psychosomatic illnesses
·    Pain
·    Prevention of illnesses
·    Prevention of undesirable consequences of the aging process
·    Respiratory diseases
·    Rheumatic diseases
·    Skin diseases
·    Sleep disorders

In addition to the treatment in our practice we discuss further measures that you carry out home such as Nutrional counseling and medication plan creation.